Union Team


Anna Redfearn

Yoga Instructor & Studio Owner

Like a lot of practitioners, Anna started doing yoga as a form of physical exercise. She quickly discovered yoga was also a way to ease the mind and feel more present. Yoga transformed and changed Anna’s life particularly after becoming a mother and losing a sister; it ignited a passion that led her to completing her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. 

Anna believes that yoga is a practice for everybody. Her intention is to offer her students the space and permission to explore, to feel and discover what yoga can be for them.


Kirsty Grey

Yoga Instructor

Kirsty had dabbled in a few classes here and there through her twenties, but at the time she didn't understand the importance of self care.  She owned her own business, had a small child and husband so life was pretty full… too full in fact.  It wasn’t until everything came to an abrupt stop, due to her mental health that she was then able to find her practice and come back to herself.

"Yoga is a way of life for me, a simple practice of connecting with self from the inside out.  I fell head over heels for yoga and now I get to share this love with others.  I love that yoga is a practice, there is no destination, we are already here."


Bridgette Lynch

Yoga Instructor 

Bridgette loves the impact yoga has on mental and physical wellbeing. "Yoga is incredibly nourishing and every time we come to the mat there is opportunity to discover something different."


Bridgette offers classes that allow people space to move, express and understand themselves in their own unique way. It is a privilege to guide the transformation and see people leave feeling refreshed and empowered.


Melissa Bryne

Kids Yoga Teacher

I am Melissa, a Montreal born and raised French Canadian mother of 3.  After having our third child in 2018 I started attending mommy and bubs yoga classes which I loved. Eventually my son outgrew the class but I continued my yoga journey attending the adult evening classes and I have never looked back.

Yoga was instrumental in helping me through the hardest parts of postpartum depression and anxiety and it continues to support my mental health in ways I am so grateful for.

I have a Bachelor of Education and spent 7 years teaching primary aged children before starting our family. In April I will commence my official Yoga Teacher Training course which I am so excited for. In August/September 2021 I completed the Seedling Yoga for Educators series which was so wonderful and I am very excited to share what I learned with your beautiful tamariki